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July 2009

B.O.R.N Prune Machine Glitz in Norwich for the Rub Me Up The Wrong Way Festival curated by Richard Dedomenici.

May 2009

Performance and installations (My Little Eye and Biting Machine) at Ich-Machine festival, Edith Russ Haus für Medien Kunst, Oldenburg, Germany.

April 2009

Performance Sail Bridge Music Action in collaboration with Dynion Dance Company on Saturday 18th at 18.15. The performance is part of Locws Festival, Swansea UK.
The documentation of the event will be visible in Swansea Waterfront Museum until 10th May

March 2009

I am in Moscow, Russia to install the Robotarium in Winzavod Arts Centre. The piece is part of the exhibition Science as Suspense, curated by Dmitry Bulatov.
The Robotarium is in good company, with works by Christa Sommerer and Laurent mignonneau, Stelarc, Nicolas Reeves, and a brand new robotic installation by Ken Rinaldo. That was the idea anyway, as Ken's work never made it to the show, stuck in customs for a stupid administrative reason. I looked like it was not going to be straight forward for him to get the work back either, good luck Ken:)

I spent a few hours everyday walking in Moscow, cuty of interesting contrasts, heavy traffic and many uniforms.

February 2009

New Territories Festival, Glasgow, UK, Premiere of the performance Prune Machine Glitz with collective B.O.R.N. (photo Luciana Hail)

I did not get much time to see the rest of the festival. My highlight was Shaun Caton's shamanic performance Drawn From Scratch. I spent close to one hour watching his slow ritualised movements and listening to the haunting soundtrack.

September 2008

Went to Ars Electronica,Linz, Austria, invited by Slovenian Kapelica gallery to show Robot-Rabbit as part of their Ecology of the Techno Mind show in Lentos museum, and Servo Drive + Lo-tech Songs performance in OK Centrum. Premiered my new robot Mofo, which fell on a kitchen mixer and broke its neck after 2 minutes on stage. It was nevertheless able to perform disco dance on Born to Be Alive with me later on.

Enigmatic local graffiti

I had very little time to see the exhibitions or attend conference and performances. Selected highlights of bits I saw:

- On the opening night, several members of the German label Raster Noton performed sets in a big tent on Pöstlingberg, a hill overlooking the city of Linz. Among lots of overheated oscillators and other brutal audio machines I was happy to see the humorous performance of Franz Pomassl, very loud analog machines activated by a mobile performer who touched parts of his body with active audio jacks and ran on his table like a madman.

-A Small Contribution to Everyday Life by Miha Ciglar and Nika Autor, concert where the two performers, plugged into their AV system, generate tense sounds when they touch or get close to each other in a very effective bio-tech live performance.
- Sampling-Plong by Jörg Niehage: cheap looking electrical and pneumatic objects on a picnic blanket are activated when a projected mouse-driven cursor rolls over them. Poetic and fun.
- Kotaro from the University of Tokyo: hi-tech looking humanoid that did not do much but whose body language evoked a depressed young teenager.
- Kaze No Chi (Wind of Purification), also from the University of Tokyo: an interactive video projection looking like a visualised wind tunnel where turbulences are generated by the audience. Simple and beautiful.
-Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacec who challenges Japanese scientist Shinji Suzuki to be the first to launch an origami prototype airplane from a space station.

- I was in Linz before the opening of the festival. Chilling out with a beer one evening I saw a group of young people wearing green t-shirts and white helmets, riding Segways in the nearby square.
Passer-bys were invited to have a test run, and i had a go. The vehicle is driven by leaning the body to the desired direction, which happens intuitively after a quick adjustment. My machine seemed to be fitted with a speed limiter which limited my joy, but I could nevertheless appreciate the silent elegance of the self-standing vehicle.
I still prefer my bicycle for urban transport.
- And a couple of pics of my hotel room where I spent too much time programming dance moves for Mofo the robot instead of enjoying electronic art and Austrian beer.

April 6th 2008

Images from Japan

Spring 2008

3 of my machines feature in the spring campaign for fashion label Comme des Garçons in 20 magazines (Frieze, Wallpaper, Monocle, GQ, New York Times Magazine, Vogue Paris,...).

They look pretty good, in an unusual context, surrounded by many thin pretty girls in expensive outfits.

February 20th 2008

Australian body-cyborg artist Stelarc gave a briliant lecture in the School of Art and Design where I work in Cardiff.
After the lecture he showed off the freshly implanted third ear on his arm to impressed students.

The bluetooth microphone that will provide internet connectivity is not installed, and the lobe is not grafted yet. When it is, Stelarc knows he will have to be careful not to tear up his ear when he pulls up his sleeves.

His 3D Talking Head was in fine form, answering all questions from the audience with great eloquence.

Photo credit: Kim Fielding

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