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Prune Machine Glitz

Collaboration with Davida Hewlett and Thomas Hobson (with special guest James Tyson).

The B.O.R.N. collective was founded in 2008, after the success of the disco dancing and other songs in Cardiff and London. We decided to put together a one hour show where each of us would generate songs, dances and actions to which the other members would contribute.

The show, called Prune Machine Glitz, was premiered in the New Territories festival in Glasgow in February 2009. It was presented in the programme as follows:

"Prune Machine Glitz is an attempt to defeat contemporary feelings of gloom and doom while embracing a wide range of human activities and feelings.
Based on personal experiences, reflections on progress, love, rockstardom and the challenge of a meaningful life, Prune Machine Glitz is a musically rich, dance activated, thought provoking, multi-layered, technological, heartfelt journey shaped as a cross between a robot demonstration, a psychological experiment and a slightly wobbly cabaret night."

Photo by Nicola Schauermann