Low-Tech Songs and Servo Drive 2009

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Low-Tech Songs and Servo Drive

20-09-2010: full video of the performance in Da Fest Sofia, Bulgaria

Ongoing instalment of my performance lectures, Low-Tech Songs and Servo Drive features a variable selection of several robots, lead by Mofo, the humanoid, painstakingly playing the keyboard and dancing on stage.

Toutou, Robotic Ears, Robotic Tail, Robotic Bird, Biting Machine, George and Gilbert can all be part of the crew.

The show, which lasts approximately 50 minutes, features a talk reflecting on some aspects of contemporary robotics. I play video extracts of Boston Dynamics Big Dog in action as well as the famous video of Asimo grounded after falling down a flight of stairs. I show the latter in a slightly smug manner as my robot Mofo can get itself back to a standing position if it falls (which it does quite often).

I also set myself a 7 minute challenge, where I have to build from cardboard and scrap a musical instrument and sing an improvised song.

The show ends with Mofo and me dancing the disco on Born to Be Alive, Patrick Hernandez' 1979 disco hit which I have sang live many times for the past 3 years.

Performance photos by Charlotte Taylor, Ich Maschine Festival, Oldenburg Germany April 2009, and Dorkbot Tokyo, September 2009.