Mind Sniffer 2007

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Mind Sniffer
Collaboration with performance artist Davida Hewlett.

Davida was the original disco dancer in my Solid State No Logic performance. She asked me if I could help her bring to life an idea she has carried with her since childhood: that of a machine which could read people's minds and answer their deepest existential question. Despite the dauting difficulty of the task I agreed to help as best as I could, and we decided to test our prototype during the Experimentica Festival, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff UK.

The volonteers filled in a questionaire, then were put through a series of tests. Each test focused on one of their senses, starting with touch and ending with the sixth.

Mind Sniffer volunteer individual evaluation card

After a tricky start, the mind sniffing operations went smoothly. We tested 8 volunteers in about 4 hours. An evaluation card with the results of the tests was sent to all volonteers.

Future developments might be considered once we complete evaluation of this first prototype session.