Sail Bridge Music Action 2009
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Sail Bridge Music Action

Collaboration with Dynion Male Dance Company and choreographer Douglas Comley.
Commissioned by Locws International, April 2009.

I was invited to produce a piece for the Art in the City Festival in Swansea UK. The festival exhibits site specific public works by artists who respond to aspects of the City of Swansea.

Extract from the Art in the City Festival programme:

"Paul Granjon has chosen to work with Swansea’s sail bridge, a landmark structure that connects the east and west sides of the city. Paul Granjon will collaborate with a local choreographer and a 20 strong dance company to create a percussive choreography for the bridge. The dancer's motions and rhythms will ‘play’ the bridge as if it were a percussive musical instrument.

The various surfaces of the bridge will be activated by the dancers equipped with modified rubber mallets and wearing shoes fitted with steel plates. Their choreographed motions explore the acoustic quality of the largely metallic structure, creating a spatial soundscape that reveals the musicality of the bridge."

Left photo by Ken Dickinson.