Black Box Ichi 2009

Black Box Ichi

Black Box Ichi (ichi means 1 in Japanese) is at the heart of a system developed for the installation/performance Spontaneous Phenomenon, a collaboration with Japanese artist Kanta Horio in AD and A Gallery in Osaka Japan. The piece was based on the notion of black box as used among other in cybernetics, communication theory, computer science: a device that receives inputs and generates outputs while its internal proceedings remain opaque to the user/observer.

Black Box Ichi includes humans in its collection of inputs/outputs, as well as collection of electro-mechanical-optical devices connected throughout the gallery space.

Black Box system with human input-output

When the box requires action from the human, it triggers a radio controlled headset, and the human complete a task using objects which are stored in the box.

Black Box Ichi with accessories drawer open.

Inside the box.