Mofo Keyboard 2009

Mofo Keyboard

I made a basic synthesizer keyboard sized to Mofo's dimensions, with 8 keys. Based on analog oscillators, the instrument delivers a raw square wave when hit by mofo's aluminium rigid hands.

I sing along a song called "The Future", which goes like this:

The future is uncertain
but it is going to happen
The future is important
But not as much as the present

Atoms and molecules
Will continue to exist
Even if their vehicles
Are not the ones we used to know

If people and machines are gone
Planet earth is left alone
Plants will grow, animals run
Global jungle will overcome

The world will be a united nation
Teletransportation will ease pollution
People will be loving and caring
And all energy will be green

Performing The Future with Mofo and his keyboard in Tokyo, September 2009.