Urban Clearing Unit 2007
Urban Clearing Unit

Following an invitation from Rotterdam based organisation DePlayer, I submitted a project based on the notion of light in a public space for their Deli-Light Commission.

The starting idea of the Urban Clearing Unit is that there is already plenty of light in urban areas. Light pollution is such a concern that numerous studies and conferences are organised about the subject , and that several dedicated organisations actively campaign for darker skies. Instead of adding more light to the city, the project aims to generate a zone where the light is provided by a fire, some candles and other naked flame sources.

Map showing various intensities of artificial light that reach space (Image credit: P. Cinzano)

Urban Clearing Unit is an environment that can be installed rapidly, reclaiming urban spaces normally used for traffic or commerce. The environment provides an experience akin to that experienced while staying in a clearing in a forest, lit by a bonfire.